Projects (Phase 1)

In Phase 1, multidisciplinary GRAND network completed 38 projects cross-pollinated around 5 themes. Click on the large circles below for theme descriptions. See the Phase 2 Research Program for currently active projects.


GRAND projects explore the use and application of digital media in a variety of settings including entertainment, healthcare, education, environmental sustainability, and public policy. Click on the project acronyms below for more information. The themes associated with each project are represented by the smaller circles. 

AESTHVIS Aesthetics and Visualization nMEDIAGamSimAnImageTechMeth
AFEVAL Evaluating Affective User Experience nMEDIAGamSimAnImageTechMeth
AMBAID Appropriate-Modality Bases for Ambient Information Display nMEDIASocLegTechMeth
BELIEVE Believable Characters, Behaviors and Stories in Story-based Games nMEDIAGamSimAnImageSocLegTechMeth
CAPSIM From Capture to Simulation GamSimAnImageTechMeth
CPRM Confronting Pain: Redefining Mobility nMEDIAGamSimAnImageSocLeg
DIGIKIDZ Children’s Digital Culture: Connecting, Communicating and Collaborating in a Digital World nMEDIAGamSimSocLegTechMeth
DIGILAB Digital Labour: Authors, Institutions and New Media nMEDIASocLeg
DIGLT Digital Games for Learning and Training nMEDIAGamSimAnImageSocLegTechMeth
DINS Digital Infrastructures nMEDIAGamSimAnImageSocLegTechMeth
ENCAD Enabling Technologies for CAD Systems nMEDIAGamSimTechMeth
EOVW Developing Methods for Evaluation of Virtual Worlds & Understanding User Experiences GamSimSocLegTechMeth
FRAGG Focusing Research about Gendered Gaming nMEDIAGamSimAnImageSocLegTechMeth
GAMFIT Gaming for Physical Fitness GamSimTechMeth
GRNCTY Greenest City Conversations nMEDIASocLeg
HCTSL Human Centred Technologies for Sustainable Living GamSimAnImageSocLeg
HDVID New Interactions Around HD Video nMEDIASocLegTechMeth
HLTHSIM Multi-Modal Augmented Reality for Training Healthcare Professionals nMEDIAGamSimAnImageTechMeth
HSCEG High-Speed Coordination in Electronic Games GamSimTechMeth
INCLUDE Accessibility of New Media for Disabled, Elderly and Vulnerable Individuals nMEDIAGamSimAnImageSocLegTechMeth
MCSIG Monte Carlo Search in Games GamSimTechMeth
MEOW Media Enabled Organizational Workflow nMEDIAGamSimAnImageSocLegTechMeth
MOTION Modeling Human Motion GamSimAnImageTechMeth
MOVITA New Directions in Moving Image Technology and Aesthetics nMEDIAGamSimAnImageTechMeth
NAVEL Network Assessment and Validity for Effective Leadership nMEDIAGamSimAnImageSocLegTechMeth
NEUROGAM Employing Game Technology for the Remediation of Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Children GamSimTechMeth
NEWS Access to News Media: Production, Search, Retrieval and Distribution nMEDIAGamSimSocLegTechMeth
NGAIA Next Generation Information Appliances nMEDIASocLegTechMeth
PERUI Personalized User Interfaces in Real World Contexts nMEDIAGamSimSocLegTechMeth
PLATFORM Platform Performance GamSimAnImageTechMeth
PLAYPR Play and Performance Interfaces for Culture and Games nMEDIAGamSimSocLeg
PRIVNM Usable Privacy and Security for New Media Environments nMEDIAGamSimSocLegTechMeth
PROMO Procedural Modeling GamSimAnImage
S3DFilM Stereo 3D Film
SHRDSP Understanding Roles and Rules for Shared Display Environments nMEDIASocLegTechMeth
SIMUL Enhanced Communication in Simulation and Training nMEDIAGamSimAnImageSocLegTechMeth
SKETCH Sketch Interfaces nMEDIAGamSimAnImageTechMeth
VIRTPRES Enhanced Virtual Presence and Performance nMEDIAGamSimAnImageTechMeth
VSS Visual Science for Stakeholders: Experimental Designs of Scientific Visuals for Health and Science Consumers nMEDIAGamSimAnImageSocLegTechMeth