Enhanced Virtual Presence and Performance

Project Leader Project Co-leader
Jeremy Cooperstock
McGill University
Stephen Brooks
Dalhousie University

Digital media is transforming live theatre, dance, and other performance arts. Time and distance are no longer barriers with highspeed networking. Research will improve the functionality, usability and richness of  teleconferencing through support for multiple people, possibly at multiple locations, engaged in work, artistic performance, or social activities without inducing greater fatigue than with nonmediated experiences. 

To realize these objectives, further development and integration of several enabling technologies, including video acquisition and display architectures, spatially reactive yet controllable lights and cameras, tetherless tracking systems, video segmentation, multimodal synthesis, latency-reduction techniques for networking, and novel GIS-like production-ready interfaces are being explored. 

VIRTPRES will enhance the next generation of virtual presence and live performance technologies in a manner that supports the task-specific demands of communication, interaction and production.