Theme: (Big) Data Theme: Citizenship Theme: Entertainment Theme: Health Theme: Learning Theme: Sustainability Theme: Work

The GRAND NCE (Graphics, Animation and New Media Network of Centres of Excellence) was created in 2009 through the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) program to employ an interdisciplinary and interconnected approach to address Canada’s technological, creative, socio-economic, legal and cultural challenges in digital media. Over the course of its five-year life, the network made significant progress in realizing this vision. Through its innovation and creative achievements, GRAND research has developed lasting social, health, and economic benefits that will improve the quality of life of all Canadians and enhance Canada’s global competitiveness.

At the end of its five-year funding period, GRAND had grown to become Canada’s largest digital media research network, linking 250+ researchers at 33 Canadian universities in nine provinces, as well as 184 industry partners and other receptors – the stakeholders and receptors of the research outcomes. GRAND’s distinctive crossdisciplinary research program included a very broad range of the disciplines funded through Canada’s research Tri-Council – NSERC, SSHRC, and CIHR – as well as artistic and cultural initiatives funded by the Canada Council for the Arts. Network activity supported the training of over 1,500 Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) – Canada’s up-and-coming digital media researchers, practitioners, and entrepreneurs.

GRAND’s large and strongly interdisciplinary community has fostered new research agendas and opened new avenues for collaboration. This community built an identity and a voice for Canadian digital media researchers that overcame barriers between disciplines and between institutions, which led to enriched knowledge and more informed engagement for Canadians.

GRAND’s five-year mission to expand the social, economic and cultural impact of university research in digital media achieved significant results. GRAND research advanced the state of the art for digital media technologies and methodologies, and informed public policy. The network’s many partnerships with government, industry, and other organizations stimulated new collaborative R&D, commercialization of pioneering technologies, and new entrepreneurial ventures. These results will contribute to revolutionizing how Canadian businesses compete in the global marketplace and how Canadian cultural discourse is conducted.

Our Mission

GRAND’s mission is to accelerate Canadian leadership in the digital economy to improve our economic impact, quality of life, and global influence. Our network strives to:

  • Integrate and enhance Canada’s thriving digital media sector through policy and practice
  • Focus research and knowledge mobilization efforts towards solution-driven products and services
  • Facilitate research across the broad spectrum of digital media by linking computer scientists and engineers with artists, designers and social scientists
  • Develop opportunities for researchers and partner organizations to work together
  • Teach and mentor the next generation of digital media innovators

Our Values

GRAND is committed to receptor-driven research that is solution-oriented. Our aim is to create capacity for Canada to further develop and enhance its position of global leadership in new media, animation, and games.

GRAND Challenges

Theme: (Big) Data Theme: Citizenship Theme: Entertainment Theme: Health Theme: Learning Theme: Sustainability Theme: Work

GRAND’s Research Program addresses seven “Challenges” or problem areas deemed of strategic importance to Canada. Each comprises projects focused on one or more specific issues within the overall problem. Led by academic experts, projects have industry partners who help define, execute, and evaluate the research activities.

DATA: Living with Big Data

CITIZENSHIP: Digital Citizenship and Civic Engagement

ENTERTAINMENT: Entertainment in an Always-Connected World

HEALTH: Patient-centred Healthcare and Wellness

LEARNING: Learning in the Digital Age

SUSTAINABILITY: Sustainable Communities

WORK: Work in a Global Economy