Enabling Technologies and Methodologies (TechMeth)

Leader: Jeremy Cooperstock, McGill University
Co-Leader: Carl Gutwin, University of Saskatchewan

In the last few decades, our society has leapt from being passive consumers of pre-packaged information and entertainment to active participants in the production, selection, and consumption of such content. The heart of this shift has been triggered by numerous technological advances in online games, electronic mail, VOIP, Internet search, wikis, media-sharing sites, mobile devices and social networking systems.

Although existing infrastructure has supported an impressive number of novel developments, applications are reaching hard limits. New technologies are clearly needed.

Broadly speaking, the TechMeth theme will concentrate on four categories of reusable knowledge: Architectures, Specific Techniques, Methods and Methodologies, and Tools.

The TechMeth theme will identify and develop the building blocks that will be used to invent, design, produce and evaluate the next generation of games, animation and new media technologies for use by consumers, research and industry.


PHASE 1 Research Program