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Network Assessment and Validity for Effective Leadership

Project Leader Project Co-leader
Barry Wellman
University of Toronto
Abby Goodrum
Wilfrid Laurier University

GRAND’s performance depends on how well collaborative research is managed. A fundamental shift in innovation and knowledge transfer builds on informal professional ties between loosely connected academics, government, and industry.  Networked organizations are particularly suitable for scientific research, but collaboration is not easy. 

Researchers in different disciplines have different training, publication channels, and scientific forums. Surveys and field studies to identifying disconnects and untapped opportunities will target communication and knowledge transfer interventions using a social network analysis perspective. The effect on social bonds of working across institutions, influence of bureaucratic institutional culture that discourages information sharing, and differences in procedures that impede shared understanding and common practice will be addressed.

NAVEL will be the yin for project MEOW ’s yang, ensuring GRAND researchers network effectively with each other.