Games and Interactive Simulation (GamSim)

Leader: Regan Mandryk, University of Saskatchewan
Co-Leader: Bart Simon, Concordia University

Canada is an important global leader in the computer game production industry. Beyond entertainment, “serious applications” using interactive gaming technologies have made huge strides in education, training, healthcare, and social discourse.

The GamSim theme will cover a broad range of research in the construction, use, and understanding of games in three areas: Game Development Technologies, Education, and Applications.  

Advances in gaming and simulation including ”serious applications” requires the skills of computer scientists, interface designers, creative writers, artists, musicians, and domain experts. In cooperation with industry partners, we will bring these groups together to serve as catalysts for creating new technologies to advance the state of the art in gaming and simulation.

The GamSim theme will have a transformative impact across a broad range of fields. For experimentation and assessment, we will build proof-of-concept games and test-bed environments that may themselves have commercial value. These prototypes will ensure our Canadian partners lead the revolution in gaming and simulation technologies.


PHASE 1 Research Program