New Media Challenges and Opportunities (nMedia)

Leader: Catherine Middleton, Ryerson University
Co-Leader: Sean Gouglas, University of Alberta

nMedia researchers will identify, develop, and evaluate the tools, skills, and methodologies needed to advance the next generation of new media applications and distribution channels. nMedia will also address the ever-evolving challenges and impacts these changes will have on lifestyle, culture, law, and business.

Taking a multidisciplinary approach, nMedia will explore human interaction with media (surprisingly not often considered) and track the changing interactions as content is created, distributed, experienced, shared, archived and then repurposed. Research activities are two-fold: New Media Creation and New Media Analysis.

This research will have direct application to Canadians in the design and accessibility of innovative digital media environments, interfaces and systems, as well as to the processes for the management of media assets and of media production, benefiting the growing Canadian media economy.


PHASE 1 Research Program