Social, Legal, Economic and Cultural Perspectives (SocLeg)

Leader: Samuel Trosow, University of Western Ontario
Co-Leader: Jennifer Jenson, York University

Research conducted in the SocLeg theme focuses on the need to recognize that the technologies and practices of new media, games, graphics and animation do not exist in a vacuum. Technological innovations in these areas create opportunities, tensions and challenges in all aspects of our lives and are interrelated with their social, cultural, economic, political and legal contexts.

Digitalization can have a profound and often unsettling effect on all of the research areas SocLeg will focus on: Education and Learning, Intellectual Property, Privacy and Security, Business and Commerce, Sustainability and the Environment, Arts and Culture, Health and Fitness, and Labour and the Workplace.

SocLeg will ask hard questions about how research generated throughout the GRAND network will be relevant and beneficial to Canadians in all walks of life, as well as how policymakers can best adopt legal and regulatory processes to the challenges of digital media.

PHASE 1 Research Program