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Procedural Modeling

Project Leader Project Co-leader
Pierre Poulin
Université de Montréal
Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz
University of Calgary

Procedural models offer unsurpassed capability to synthesize complex scenes (L-systems for plants and ecosystems, fractals for terrains, grammar-based methods for buildings and cities). These have been used successfully in a relatively small number of well-crafted special cases. Key challenges to general usage include design of multi-scale, view-sensitive models; lazy evaluation (computing only when needed); user control in modeling; and extended ranges for current models.

Bridging the gap between interactive and procedural methods is needed for creation and management of virtual worlds of unlimited size. Understanding fundamental problems in procedural modeling can produce practical solutions for the next generation of video games and animation and CAD systems.

PROMO will extend the range of procedural modeling capabilities and extend it to a number of applications areas and industry uses.