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Media Enabled Organizational Workflow

Project Leader Project Co-leader
Eleni Stroulia
University of Alberta
Kellogg Booth
University of British Columbia

MEOW uses digital media technologies such as web-based collaboration, web syndication and social networking to enhance the cohesiveness of the GRAND network. A full suite of integrated communication, reporting and financial tracking functions will be deployed to simplify and improve network management processes, collecting information as a natural by-product of the primary research and collaboration activities of the researchers. 

Collaboration tools will support ‘best practices’ for knowledge translation across research disciplines, and dissemination and adoption of results of the research by partners in the receptor community. Particular attention will be paid to developing a novel, peer-review process that allows graduate students in GRAND to support each other in multidisciplinary research.

MEOW will ensure that GRAND uses ‘best of breed’ digital media tools to manage itself.