Digital Labour: Authors, Institutions and New Media

Project Leader Project Co-leader
Bart Simon
Concordia University
Andrew Herman
Wilfrid Laurier University

There are accelerating and interrelated changes in the organization of computerized and networked labor and the institutional settings in which it takes place. Research examines how these changes affect the creation, production, distribution, and re-use of intellectual goods within a variety of domains and how the individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions involved in these processes fare.

There are five study domains: (1) game production – design and programming in game development, (2) music production – creating, performing, recording and distributing musical works, (3) post-secondary education – teaching practice and course development, (4) librarianship – which is undergoing changes associated with the increased digitization of collections and services, and (5) journalism.

DIGILAB will inform public policy on copyright, access to information, employment standards, and historical archiving.