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Focusing Research about Gendered Gaming

Project Leader Project Co-leader
Jennifer Jenson
York University 
Sean Gouglas
University of Alberta

The chronic inequity between men and women in pay and careers is acute when it comes to using, designing, and developing leading edge digital technologies. This ‘digital divide’ is most apparent in the commercial games industry, one of the largest, fastest-growing cultural entertainment industries.

Researching the persistent under-participation of women in both the production and play of digital games is assuredly of social, cultural, and economic value – particularly in Canada, home to the world’s third largest games industry. This research will address the underlying principles and mechanisms that cause gender imbalances in the production and consumption of digital games, and investigate how these imbalances can be countered to enable access, inclusion and equity.

FRAGG will examine gender issues in gaming from the perspectives of both consumers and producers.