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Human Centred Technologies for Sustainable Living

Project Leader Project Co-leader
Lyn Bartram
Simon Fraser University 
Robert Woodbury
Simon Fraser University

A “Green Building” has high overall environmental performance that impacts climate change, resource consumption, and wellness. Pervasive and interactive digital media technologies can be a powerful vehicle for reducing energy demand, encouraging a conservation ethic, and improving quality of life. 

Networked systems for monitoring and control enable non-intrusive ambient awareness of building performance, but they often do not provide appropriate information and control choices to building occupants. New energy and water monitoring systems from industrial partners are being combined with prototype interfaces to promote awareness, understanding, prediction and control. Trial deployments will measure how well information about building performance improves conservation and sustainability outcomes.

HCTSL will develop interactive control and visualization systems that help building occupants make appropriate energy and resource use decisions without imposing undue technological complexity.