CAPSIM GamSimAnImageTechMeth

From Capture to Simulation

Project Leader Project Co-leader
Wolfgang Heidrich
University of British Columbia
Eugene Fiume
University of Toronto

Realistic computer-generated images and animations have become a normal and expected part of flight simulators, videos, movies and games. Such realism depends on the ability to simulate the behaviour of complex real-world phenomena such as flames, water flow, fabric movement, and facial expressions. However, some of the things we next want to simulate exceed current knowledge and computational capacity.

The ultimate goal is to tie together the capture (imaging) of natural phenomena with physics-based simulation and control of these effects. By combining data captured from the real world with simulation systems, this research will bring a new level of realism to computer graphics. 

CAPSIM will produce general methods to capturing time-varying geometry of complex physical phenomena including fluids, fire, smoke, fabric, and facial expressions to bring a new level of realism to computer graphics.