MOVITA nMEDIAGamSimAnImageTechMeth

New Directions in Moving Image Technology and Aesthetics

Project Leader Project Co-leader
Maria Lantin
Emily Carr University of Art and Design
Jim Bizzocchi
Simon Fraser University

The wave of interest in stereoscopic 3D (S3D) is the most visible cultural and economic driver for a renewed interest in moving image technologies, and is augmented by related advances in general imaging and display technologies. The rapid introduction of new cameras, rigs, image processing unites and editing suites are transforming the moving image, and therefore its associated practices of content production.

Centering on the emerging technologies of S3D, high dynamic range imaging (HDR), faster frame rates, and related applications, the research is concerned with the creative, perceptual and technological issues connected to the new technologies of the moving image.

MOVITA will examine how S3D among other new digital film technologies are impacting approaches to developing narratives, the use of space in film and other creative decisions by filmmakers.