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Sketch Interfaces

Project Leader Project Co-leader
Faramarz Samavati
University of Calgary 
Karan Singh
University of Toronto

Sketch-based interfaces are increasingly important as displays and devices support tactile input to achieve natural and powerful communication using traditional metaphors of drawing, painting and gesturing. The increasing emphasis on user-created content challenges the assumption that graphics and design tools are used only by experts.

The semantics of sketch strokes, in combination with speed, pressure and pen tilt, are key to recognition and understanding of handwriting, scientific symbols and gestures. Improved inference of 3D models from sketching is being explored based on human perception, human conceptual frameworks and the interaction of human visual processing with the spatiotemporal aspects of sketching (foreshortening and perspective).

SKETCH will design new interaction interfaces that leverage affordances of sketching to infer user intent, recognize complex gestural communication, and create 3D models and animation.