Events Archive: 2013

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Community Event Game Design Expo (Vancouver, Canada)
Community Event 3D[FWD] (Vancouver, Canada)
Community Event Global Game Jam (Global )
GRAND ParticipantsCommunity Event Euphoria & Dystopia Symposium (Toronto, Canada)


Community Event WaveFront M2M Summit 2013 (Vancouver, Canada)
GRAND ParticipantsCommunity Event AAAS Conference (Boston, USA)
Community Event Hacking Health Vancouver (Vancouver)
GRAND Sponsored CSCW 2013 (San Antonio, USA)


GRAND Events GRAND Digital Wave Workshop (Edmonton) (Edmonton, AB)
GRAND Events GRAND Digital Wave Workshop (Winnipeg) (Winnipeg, MB)
GRAND Events GRAND Digital Wave Workshop (Vancouver) (Vancouver, BC)
GRAND Participants Grand Opening of Dalhousie Social Media Lab (Halifax, Nova Scotia)


GRAND Participants BRAVA 2013 (Cambury, São Paulo State, Brazil)
Community Event CHI 2013 (Paris, France)


GRAND Sponsored STRONG: First Nations Technology Council's Summit of Technology (Richmond, BC)
GRAND Events Canada 3.0 (Toronto, Canada)
GRAND Events GRAND 2013 (Toronto, Canada)
Community Event Conference on Japan Game Studies 2013 (Kyoto, Japan)
Community Event AI/GI/CRV (Regina, Canada)
GRAND ParticipantsCommunity Event Graphics Interface (GI) 2013 (Regina, Canada)


GRAND ParticipantsCommunity Event Congress 2013 (Victoria, Canada)
Community Event International Symposium on Pervasive Displays (Mountain View, California, USA)
Community Event CAIS 2013 (Victoria, Canada)
Community Event Futur en Seine (Paris, France)
Community Event Canadian Gaming Summit (Montreal)
Community Event Urban Ecologies 2013 (Toronto, Canada)


Community Event iamagamer: Game jam for female protagonists (Vancouver, BC)
Community Event SIGGRAPH 2013 (Anaheim, California USA)
GRAND Sponsored Bridges Enschede 2013 (Enschede, the Netherlands)
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants DSST 2013 (University of Maryland, College Park, USA)


GRAND Events GRAND's Digital Wave - Technology for Digital Media, SMES, Start-ups (Calgary, AB) (Calgary, AB)
GRAND Events GRAND's Digital Wave - Technology for Digital Media, SMES, Start-ups (Edmonton, AB) (Edmonton, AB)
Community Event Grow Conference (Vancouver)
GRAND Events GRAND's Digital Wave - Technology for Digital Media, SMES, Start-ups (Vancouver) (Vancouver, BC)
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants MobileHCI 2013 (Munich, Germany)


Community Event Interact 2013 (Capetown, South Africa)
GRAND Sponsored 2013 International Conference on Social Media and Society (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
GRAND ParticipantsCommunity Event Engaging with Greenest City Conversations (Vancouver, BC)
Community Event 3D FLIC (Toronto, Ontario)
Community Event IGIC 2013 (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Community Event NeuroDevNet’s 2013 Brain Development Conference (Vancouver, BC)


GRAND Participants Gamification 2013 (Stratford, Ontario)
GRAND Participants IndieCade 2013 (Los Angeles, CA)
GRAND Sponsored ITS 2013 (St. Andrews, UK)
Community Event Big Data and the Humanities (Silicon Valley, CA)
GRAND Sponsored UIST 2013 (St. Andrews, UK)
GRAND Participants WSSF 2013 (Montreal, QC)
Community Event ICEC 2013 (Sao Paolo, Brazil)
GRAND Sponsored Sustainable Design Awards 2013 (Toronto, ON)
GRAND ParticipantsCommunity Event Research Rendezvous (Toronto, ON)
GRAND Participants IR 14: Resistance and Appropriation (Denver, CO)
GRAND Participants Open Access: Historical Highlights, Issues and Policies (London, ON)
GRAND Events GRAND NCE Health and Digital Media Workshop (Toronto, ON and Vancouver, BC)
Community Event Digital Heritage (Marseille, France)


GRAND Participants ASIS&T 2013 Annual Meeting (Montreal QC)
GRAND ParticipantsCommunity Event Survivance: An Indigenous Game for Change (Surrey, Canada)
Community Event Hacking Health Toronto (Toronto, ON)
GRAND ParticipantsCommunity Event MIGS - Montreal International Game Summit (Montreal, QC)
Community Event uXperience Design Camp 2013 (University of Waterloo, Stratford Campus, Stratford, Ontario)
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants Hacking Health Edmonton (Edmonton, AB)
GRAND Participants 2013 AGM: Research Canada (Ottawa)


GRAND Participants MUM 2013 (Luleå, Sweden)
Community Event ACCT INNOVATION 2013 (Toronto, ON)
GRAND Participants Brazil-Canada 3.0 (João Pessoa, Brazil)