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Hacking Health Vancouver

Hacking Health is a national organisation dedicated to fostering collaboration between health and IT experts.

Hacking Health is designed to mix hackers with healthcare professionals who may not know how to design or program, but have a deep understanding of problems that need to be solved, as well as strong connections to target users of applications that will be developed.

The mixing of healthcare and technical professionals adds unique value and challenge to this event. Medical professionals will need to learn how to adapt their ideas for a technical audience; Hackers will need to make extra effort to understand unfamiliar problems and help non-technical domain experts refine their ideas.

In the short term, our goal is to rapidly prototype practical ideas that could be useful in healthcare.

Our broader vision is to foster the kind of collaborative, cross-disciplinary relationships that lead to more significant innovation down the road. Not all ideas can be prototyped in a day, and many ideas lay dormant simply because domain experts do not know who to talk to about building their ideas.

We believe that healthcare will improve as we bring technical expertise closer to front-line problems.

Who can attend?
Hackers with skills -- programmers, designers, and the like - are asked to come and join a projects, as well as work with healthcare professionals to explore their ideas. Healthcare Professionals with ideas that require technical assistance -- doctors, surgeons, nurses, administrators, etc -- are asked to come and present their ideas. Our goal will be to use the skills and energy of other attendees to move each idea forward.

Event Location: 
Centre for Digital Media 
685 Great Northern Way
Vancouver BC V5T 0C6 

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