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GRAND Digital Wave Workshop (Vancouver)

March 7, 2013 | Vancouver, BC

Invitation to Industry and Researchers
GRAND NCE Workshop
Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Digital Media Jobs Creation


The Graphics, Animation and New Media Network of Centres of Excellence (“GRAND”) is pleased to hold a workshop at the University of British Columbia on March 7, 2013 on the general subject of Emerging Digital Media Technologies, Methodologies and Practices: Developer Solutions, Industry Needs and Approaches to Collaboration.

The workshops will provide a forum for the communication of research results and highlight the development of innovative graphics, animations and new digital media emerging from Canada’s research universities. In addition, the workshop offers industry an opportunity to network with researchers and a platform for future collaboration on key graphic, animation and digital media problems and needs.  It is hoped that the workshop will stimulate discussions between industry and the GRAND research community and cement on-going working relationships. Overall, the intent of the workshop is to encourage industry and research interaction that could lead to future product development and commercialization and stimulate entrepreneurship, innovation and digital media jobs creation.

 As technology transfer is a major issue for research community and industry alike, the workshop will identify the challenges and rewards of licencing technology from Canada’s universities and include discussions on IP protection and technology transfer/commercialization avenues.

Date: March 7, 2013   
Conference/Workshop Fee: $0
Time:  8:15 am – 4 pm  (Lunch provided)
Location: University of British Columbia, Ponderosa Centre, Arbutus Room
Due to space constraints please register early.  Last year’s workshop brought together 140 participants – researchers, console and mobile game developers, studio heads, film producers, angel and venture capitalists.  We hope to match or exceed last year’s attendance.  

Tentative Agenda 

8:15am – 8:30am Networking & Early Morning Coffee

8:30am – 8:45am Welcome & Opening Remarks
Speaker: Mark Salopek, GRAND NCE

8:55am -9:10am Tapping Research Talent and Expertise for your Digital Media Company
Speaker:  Sang Mah, MITACS, British Columbia

 9:15am – 9:30am Animation and Simulation Using Gesture Technology for Public Entertainment and Commercial Applications
Speaker:  Jeff Boyd, University of Calgary

 9:35am – 9:50 am Entrepreneurship at UBC: Stimulating and Facilitating Entrepreneurial Behaviour
Speaker:  Paul Cubbon, Sauder School of Business

 9:55am – 10:10 am Introducing and Creating Believable Characters in Console and Computer Games
Speaker:  Neesha Desai, University of Alberta

10:15am – 10:30am Accessing the UBC Entrepreneurship Incubator: Application Process, Mentoring, and Resources
Speaker: Roger Miller, UILO, UBC

10:35am – 10:45am Coffee Break and Networking

10:45am – 11:00am Doing a Startup with GRAND Technologies - Application of Gaze Tracking on a Mobile Platform: Case Study
Speaker:  Mohammad Najafi, NMotive Research, Vancouver, BC.

11:05am – 11:20am Fostering and Establishing Research-Industry Partnerships: Accessing Applied Science Research and Expertise
Speaker:  Richard Sones, UBC, Applied Sciences

11:25am – 11:40am Mining and Utilizing the Twitter Fire Hose for Commercial and Public Policy Advantage
Speaker:  Anatoliy Gruzd, Dalhouse University

11:45am – 12:00pm 3D Technologies and Photography for Film and Movie Production
Speaker: Karl Hermann, Emily Carr University

12:05pm – 12:35pm Luncheon and Networking

12:35pm – 12:50 pm Commercializing University Research for Community and Stakeholder
Engagement:  MyCity Apps
Speaker:  Mike Blackstock, Sense Tecnic Systems, Vancouver BC

12:55pm – 1:10 pm Accessing Angel and Venture Capital in British Columbia: Roadmap to Success
Speaker: Thealzel Lee, Rocket Builders, Vancouver

1:15pm – 1:30pm Rise of Socialbots – The Challenge for Social Networks
Speaker: Yazan Boshmaf, UBC

1:35pm – 1:50pm Visualization Technology for the Financial Sector: Identifying Industry Problems and Solutions
Speaker: Vicki Viemieux, Acting Director of MAGIC, UBC

1:55pm – 2:10pm Speeding up the Animation Process and Utilizing Older Assets: Transforming 2D Images into 3D Images
Speaker:  Faramarz Famil Samavati, University of Calgary

2:15pm – 2:30pm Resource Availability and Internships: Introducing Digital Media Students into Companies.
Speaker: Larry Bafia, Centre for Digital Media

2:35pm – 2:50pm Afternoon Coffee and Networking

2:55pm – 3:10 pm Digital Health – Addressing the Needs of Dementia Suffers: Applying C-TOC Technology
Speaker:  Joanna McGrenere, UBC

3:15pm – 3:30pm The ATOM Project – Automatic Clothing Dimensioning and Sizing for Application in Online Retailing
Speaker: Mark Sherlock, University of Calgary

3:35pm – 3:30pm Wavefront’s Wireless and Mobile Commercialization Incubator: Accessing support and resources for wireless and mobile development
Speaker: Richard Miller, WAVEFRONT, Vancouver, BC

3:35pm – 3:50 pm Mobile Gaming Development: Building on a Family and Community Foundation:  Building a Game and Business on a Social Media Foundation
Speaker:  Jason Procyk, SFU

3:55pm – 4:00pm Next Steps, Wrap-up and Closing Remarks


Venue Location

Ponderosa Centre
2071 West Mall V6T 1Z2
Arbutus Room
University of British Columbia

The closest parking is at the West Parkade just off South West Marine Drive. 2140 Lower Mall, UBC.