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IR 14: Resistance and Appropriation

GRAND researchers will participating in the 14th annual Internet Research conference at the University of Denver. Dr. Barry Wellman (University of Toronto) will be joining a panel discussion on Network Individualism on October 25th. Former HQP Dr. Jennifer Whitson (Concordia University) will also be presenting her Strategies and Tactics for Promoting Indie Game Design the conference on October 27th.

The conference brings together hundreds of academics, researchers, graduate students and other participants from around the world for an interdisciplinary, multi-methodological look at the Internet.

A truly international research gathering, last year the AoIR conference was held in Manchester, England, and next year will meet in Bangkok, Thailand.

This year’s conference will address current issues in Internet research, with particular focus on how people use digital technologies in innovative and extraordinary ways.

Building on the official conference theme, ‘Resistance & Appropriation, the opening night keynote features Gabriella Coleman, a preeminent researcher and writer on digital activism and well known for her scholarship on Anonymous, the international network of activists and hacktivists.