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Euphoria & Dystopia Symposium

Euphoria & Dystopia Symposium, Book Launch, Symposium and Student Workshop

The Banff New Media Institute (1995-2010) in the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains was a dynamic international centre that addressed dramatically changing times—the heady rise of the digital age, its tumultuous descent, and its reformulation. BNMI hosted leading artists, designers, computer scientists and engineers, mathematicians, physicists, biologists, chemists, humanists, social scientists, and medical researchers. Its cutting edge summits (think tanks) foretold that future. These occurred at The Banff Centre, side by side with international artists’ residencies, co-productions, transdisciplinary research, new media exhibitions and the incubation of commercial products and companies. The BNMI predicted and shaped trends in digital media.

The Euphoria & Dystopia OCAD University/NCE GRAND symposium on January 31st and February 1st in Toronto invites reflection on the digital concerns of the 1990s and early twenty-first century, weighing these preoccupations against contemporary research, industrial, social and cultural trends. It includes dialogues between current digital media researchers, thinkers and BNMI participants; a student research event and a lecture and book/archive launch by Sarah Cook and Sara Diamond, the authors of Euphoria & Dystopia: the Banff New Media Institute Dialogues.

The conference will investigate seven themes: The Material Known as Data (the imminence of data, its analysis and visualization, memory and documentation); Physics, Perception, Immersion (graphics, 3D worlds, the underlying mathematical and scientific grounding for new media); Becoming Machine, Staying Human (artificial life, artificial intelligence, robotics); The Art Formerly Known As New Media (curatorial practice, digital art’s exhibition and historicization) Social and Individual Identity (new media identities, gender, cultural difference, health and wellness); Money and Law (new media economies and social policy); Production and Distribution (models of collaboration in new media). 

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Tentative Schedule

January 31, 2013
 Black Box Theatre & Presentation Centre (49 McCaul Street) 

Time Session Facilitator(s) / Presenter(s)
10:30 am Sign-in / Coffee  
11:00 am Research methods introduction Sara Diamond, Kellogg Booth,
Sarah Cook, Maria Lantin 
12:30 pm Lunch Break (provided)   
1:00pm -
5:00 pm 
Student Research Workshop Sara Diamond, Kellogg Booth
1:00 pm Don't Touch w/ Your Eyes Gabriel Resch 
University of Toronto
1:25 pm Between Research Traditions: Negotiating
an Interdisciplinary Research Space for Urban Screens
Claude Fortin
Simon Fraser University
1:50 pm One's Expression of Embodied Experience In
Transcultural Contexts Through Media Art 
Ozgun Iscen 
Simon Fraser University
2:15 pm          Custom Avatars, Empowered Identities Sandra Danilovic
University of Toronto
2:40 pm Brand New Paint Job Stefan Hancherow
OCAD University
3:05 pm Coffee Break  
3:20 pm Phenomenology of Shared Movement &
Presence in Media Augmented Spaces 
Omar Faleh 
Concordia University 
3:45 pm Investigating the 'Natural' in Natural User Interfaces  Anne Ramsay 
Wilfred Laurier University 
4:05 pm Weak Connections: Quantum Physics & the Experimenter's Role  Caoimhe Morgan-Feir 
OCAD University
4:30 pm Interactive Models of Landform Transformation  Saeran Vasanthakumar 
University of Waterloo 
5:00 pm Dinner Break (self-directed)   
6:00 pm Keynote Address & Discussion  
  Welcome OCAD University & GRAND Sara Diamond, Kellogg Booth
  Research futures & the legacy of  the BNMI: Why
scientists, artists & designers must collaborate 
Sara Diamond, Sarah Cook
& Susan Kennard
Respondent: Kellogg Booth
7:30 pm -
9:00 pm
Book Signing & Reception (49 McCaul Street)   

February 1, 2013
 Main Auditorium, Rm 190 (100 McCaul St.) 

8 - 6pm

Research Symposium

8:00 am  Breakfast / Sign-In (Room 187)   
9:00 am Theme One:
The Material Known as Data 
Sheelagh Carpendale and Christopher Salter
Moderated by Abby Goodrum 
10:00 am Theme Two:
Physics, Perception, Immersion
Celia Pearce & Sidney Fels
Moderated by Maria Lantin
11:00 am
Coffee Break   
11:15 am Theme Three:
Becoming Machine, Staying Human 
Lyn Bartram and Eugene Fiume
Moderated by Philip Beesley 
12:15 pm Lunch & Poster Session   
1:00 pm
Theme Four:
Exhibition and Historicization 
Sarah Cook and Steve Dietz 
Moderated by Caroline Langill
2:00 pm Theme Five:
Social and Individual Identity in New Media 
Joanna Berzowska and Nina Wakeford
Moderated by Jutta Trevarius 
3:00 pm Theme Six:
Production and Distribution 
Sheldon Brown and Cheryl l’Hirondelle 
Moderated by Kim Sawchuk
4:00 pm Coffee break  
4:15 pm Theme Seven Super Panel:
Money and Law  
Keith Kocho, Ellie Rubin, Steven Selznick and James Love
Moderated by Mark Bishop
5:45 pm What have we learned?  Sara Diamond
Off-site reception, location TBA