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International Symposium on Pervasive Displays

June 4, 2013 - June 5, 2013 | Mountain View, California, USA

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The Second International Symposium on Pervasive Displays will take place in June 2013 at the Google campus in Mountain View, California. Mountain View is in the heart of Silicon Valley, surrounded by many iconic information technology companies, UC Berkeley and Stanford, as well as down the street from the Computer History Museum. It is also close to San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz, and the California coast with its famous redwood forests. This ACM affiliated event brings together researchers with a common interest in the opportunities and challenges of pervasive displays systems as a new communication medium in public and semi-public spaces. As a target topic venue the Symposium offers participants a unique opportunity to network with a diverse but focused research community, resulting in an extremely lively event with all the energy and excitement that characterizes the emergence of a new research community. The symposium program comprises a paper, poster and video track and a keynote by Prof. Saul Greenberg from the University of Calgary. The First International Symposium was organized by University of Minho in Porto, Portugal.