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GRAND PNI Dr. Roel Vertegaal (Queen's) to speak at the CROSSMEDIA BANFF Summit taking place September 23-24, 2013 at The Banff Centre

Other speakers attending CROSSMEDIA BANFF include Dr. Eric McLuhan B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D., Lecturer and Author, The Harris Institute for the Arts., Erik Martin, General Manager, reddit, Louis-Pierre Pharand, Brand Creative Director Ubisoft Montreal & Head of Ubiworkshop, Trevor Doerksen, CEO & Founder, Mobovivo, Keith Hernandez, Executive Director, International Sales and Strategy, BuzzFeed, Michael Chwe, Professor, UCLA, Jane Austin Game Theorist and Candice Faktor, General Manager, Wattpad.

CROSSMEDIA BANFF 2013 presented in partnership with Film and Media, The Banff Centre is a showcase of 25 of some of the most innovative companies and creators in motion, mobile, marketing, publishing and games. Hosted by digital strategist Gavin McGarry of Jumpwire Media, the summit has a unique format featuring "quick fire" 10 minute demos from leading creators focused on building the technologies and experiences that will connect and engage with the audiences of the future across the digital 'ecosystem'.