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Urban Ecologies 2013

June 20, 2013 | Toronto, Canada

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OCAD University's Faculty of Design presents Urban Ecologies 2013, a conference that will examine the impact of five intersecting themes that are shaping the future of design in our cities. 

Urban Ecologies 2013 is organized around five intersecting themes, representing a spectrum of practice-based research activities that contribute to the urban ecologies perspective.  

Regenerating Cities
Developing regenerative urban design strategies to create restorative relationships between cities and their surrounding environments.

Creating Community
Fostering design partnerships between grassroots and professional communities to co-create sustainable urban places.

Building Health
Bringing integrated concepts of human health, quality of life and inclusion to the design of the urban environment.

Thinking Systems
Applying knowledge of the urban environment’s complex and dynamic patterns of exchange to design stronger communities. 

Visualizing Information
Using advanced visual strategies to improve our understanding of data-intensive human and non-human urban activity.

Keynote Speakers

Kathryn Firth
Chief of Design, London Legacy Development Corporation

Adriaan Geuze
Founding Principal, West 8 Urban Design & Landscape Architecture


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