Events Archive: 2014

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GRAND Participants HICSS (Hawaii, USA)
GRAND Sponsored 2014 Global Game Jam (Worldwide)
SFU Presidents Faculty Lecture featuring Dr. Alissa Antle (Vancouver, BC)


Community Event Wavefront Summits (Vancouver, BC)
GRAND Sponsored SPARK [FWD] 2014 (Vancouver, BC)
GRAND Events Emerging Mobile and Digital Media Technologies, Methodologies and Opportunities (Vancouver, BC)
GRAND Participants AAAS 2014 (Chicago IL USA)
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants CSCW 2014 (Baltimore, MD USA)
Community Event 3D Printing and the Law (Vancouver, BC)
Community Event Canadian Open Data Experience (CODE) (Canada-wide)


GRAND Participants Arcade 11: Festival Montréal joue 2014 (Montreal, QC)
GRAND Participants SXSW Interactive 2014 (Austin, TX)
GRAND Participants GDC 2014 (San Francisco)
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants Building a Research Agenda for Next Generation Green Buildings (Vancouver, BC)


GRAND Participants Eurographics 2014 (Strasbourg, France)
GRAND Events Canada's GRAND Digital Wave Workshops (Edmonton, AB and Winnipeg, MB)
GRAND Participants 2014 Spring Simulation Multi-Conference (Tampa, FL, USA)
GRAND Sponsored Rethinking Sustainability (Vancouver, BC)
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants IF '14 (Vancouver, BC)
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants ACM CHI 2014 (Toronto, ON)


GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants 2014 AI/GI/CRV Conference (Montreal, QC)
GRAND Participants GI 2014 (Montreal, QC)
GRAND Participants Digifest 2014 (Toronto, ON)
GRAND Events GRAND 2014 (Ottawa, Canada)
GRAND Participants Around the World 2014 (Online)
Community Event Professional Headshot Day (CANCELLED) (Vancouver, BC)
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants Congress 2014 (St. Catharines, ON)


GRAND Participants PerDis 2014 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants Critical Hit 2014 (Montreal, QC)
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants DIS 2014 (Vancouver, BC)
Community Event Canadian Gaming Summit (Vancouver, BC)


GRAND Participants Digital Humanities 2014 (Lausanne, Switzerland)
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants CANVAS 2014 (Vancouver, BC)


GRAND Sponsored Evolution of Gaming (Vancouver, BC)
GRAND Participants Expressive 2014 (Vancouver, BC)
GRAND Participants SIGGRAPH 2014 (Vancouver, BC)
GRAND Events GRAND Maritime Oceans Environmental Visualization Workshop & Webinar (Vancouver, BC)
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants Replaying Japan 2014 (Edmonton, AB)
GRAND Sponsored IVA 2014 (Boston, MA, USA)


GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants MobileHCI 2014 (Toronto, ON)
GRAND Sponsored I-Cubed (I3) – Idea, Innovation and Inaugurate Challenge (Vancouver)
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants 2014 SMSociety Conference (Toronto, ON)


GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants UIST 2014 (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Community Event Digital Economy Congress (Vancouver, BC)
GRAND Participants SurfNet Annual Workshop (Calgary, AB)
Community Event INDIECADE 2014 (Culver City, CA USA)
GRAND Events NEUROGAME2 Workshop (Toronto, ON)
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants CHI PLAY (Toronto, ON)
Community Event Mobile Games Forum Seattle (Seattle, WA, USA)
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants GEM 2014 (Toronto, ON)
GRAND Participants 2014 Society for Utopian Studies Conference (Montreal, QC)
GRAND Participants Canada 3.0 (Calgary, AB)
GRAND Participants ISEA 2014 (Dubai, UAE)
GRAND Events SurfNet/GRAND Workshop: Energy Analytics (Calgary, AB)


Community Event Esri Canada Vancouver User Conference (Vancouver, BC)
GRAND Participants MIGS 2014 (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
GRAND Participants VIS 2014 (Paris, France)
GRAND Participants ACM ITS 2014 (Dresden, Germany)
Community Event IoT – Building Real Value (Wavefront) (Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver)
GRAND Events GRAND Digital Health/E-Health Forum (Edmonton, AB)
GRAND Events GRAND Digital Health/E-Health Forum (Winnipeg, MB)
GRAND Events GRAND Digital Health/E-Health Forum (Vancouver, BC)
GRAND Sponsored 2014 Vancouver User Experience Awards (Vancouver, BC)
Community Event Convergence: International Summit on Art + Technology (Banff, AB)