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ACM ITS 2014

Baroque Beauty Meets Interactive Surfaces: The 2014 ACM International Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces, taking place from November 16 to 19 in Dresden, Germany. As the 9th event in an annual series starting in 2006, ACM ITS has been established as a premier venue for research in the design, development and use of new and emerging tabletop and interactive surface technologies.

Interactive Surfaces increasingly pervade our everyday life, appearing in various sizes, shapes, and application contexts offering a rich variety of ways how to interact with them. Dresden as a beautiful city of culture with stunning baroque architecture will be a broad-minded host for bringing together researchers and innovators from a variety of backgrounds from all over the world.

At this year's conference, a number of GRAND network investigators, students and post-docs will be presenting their world-class research and innovation in interactive surface technologies. Visit the ITS 2014 Program for more information.