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IF '14

Interactive Futures 2014

Interactive Futures (IF) 2014, More-Than-Human Worlds: Compassionate Interactions and the Ethics of Aesthetics combines interdisciplinary academic research with explorations in new media and interactive artistic practice to consider alternative conceptions of human relations with other animals and the environment. The inquiry calls upon methodologies within environmental studies, philosophy, Eastern beliefs, First Nations’ mythologies, critical animal and cultural studies, and art practices using new technologies and interactive modes, to propose approaches towards improved human awareness about and relationships with more-than-human worlds.

A workshop and exhibition, open to the public, will be held at Intersections Digital Studios, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, engaging faculty and graduate and undergraduate students from 5 partnering universities (Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Ontario College of Art and Design, University of British Columbia Okanogan, Simon Frasier University, York University). Interactive Futures (IF) 2014, runs April 25-26.