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Sharing Movies or Mevies: Exploring New Methods for Social Video Experiences Al-Hajri, Abir SHRDSP
Operation:Citadel - Exploring Multi-display Collaboration in a Mixed Reality Game Alnusayri, Mohammed SHRDSP
Understanding the Touch Experience with Figural After Effects Alzayat, Ayman SHRDSP
Data-driven Fingertip Appearance for Interactive Hand Simulation Andrews, Sheldon CAPSIM
Finding Balance: A Haptic Belt for Slackline Learning Anlauff, Jan AMBAID
Unified Terrain Synthesis with Large-Scale Structure and Fine-Scale Detail Ariyan, Maryam PROMO
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder; disseminating research through metaphors and new digital pedagogies Bettridge, Tim VSS
The day-in-the-life scenario: A technique for capturing user experience in complex work environments Biddle, Robert SHRDSP
Legibility to Disambiguation: Typographic design strategies to prevent misreading Binhammer, Lisanne  INCLUDE
Bridging the Gap: Video Games for Remote Diagnosis and Treatment of Affective Disorders Birk, Max AFEVAL
Older and younger adults´ perceptions of online risk Boothroyd, Vanessa PRIVNM
The Performance of Un-Instrumented In-Air Pointing Brown, Michelle SHRDSP Tensions of the Technology Brunsdon, Denise PRIVNM
The Affective Motionscape: Creating Chao, Feng AESTHVIS
Elders and Memory: Developing a mobile postcard application using a novel approach to multi-level system design Chen, Cathy INCLUDE
NEWS AUTHENTICATION: Detecting Digital Deception and Deliberate Misinformation in News Stories Chen, Yimin NEWS
Collaboration and conversation analysis to inform the design of Groupware systems Conroy, Niall NEWS
Synchronous Visualization of Video and Psychophysiological User Data Costa, Joao AFEVAL
Topological Modeling for Vector Graphics Dalstein, Boris SKETCH
Guess Who - Adding Emotion to Video Game Characters Desai, Neesha BELIEVE
the EYE Duobaitis, Dallas MOVITA
Composable Controllers for Humanoid Motion Firmin, Michael MOTION
Hug. Kill. Destroy: Dissenting Opinions in Women-in-Gaming Communities Fisher, Stephanie FRAGG
Privacy and consumer health websites: investigation of behavioural tracking practices and their disclosure Fortier, Alexandre PRIVNM
Wheelchair Revolution: Balancing Motion-Based Games for Players With Mobility Disabilities Gerling, Kathrin GAMFIT
Conceptual Blending and the Presentation of E-government Health Information Grguric, Ekatarina NGAIA
Learning Analytics for the Social Media Age Gruzd, Anatoliy NAVEL + KNOW
LiveBook: Specifying and Simulating Virtual-Patient Cases Guana, Victor HLTHSIM
Tutorial activity levels: exploring representations and impacts on the tutorial experience Guillou, Hayley PERUI
Cardinal: Optimizing a Gesture-Typing Code for Rate and Ease of Entry Haagaard, Alexandra INCLUDE
Cognitive Testing on a Computer (C-TOC) Haddad, Shathel INCLUDE
Eyewitness: Embodying the Contextual Specificity of Citizen Media Videos of Historical Significance Hamouda, Hoda MOVITA
An analysis of sharing and reusing of personalizations in personalizable tools Haraty, Mona PERUI
Advice giving and receiving within a research network Hayat, Itzchak (Zack) NAVEL
Kinetic Video Projection for Theatre Lighting Hieda, Naoto VIRTPRES
Envision: Interactive Information Design for Children on the Environment Jiang, Rex AD NODE
Evidence-based Virtual Reality for Chronic Pain Management: Preliminary Results Karamnejad, Mehdi CPRM
Providing Adaptive Support in an Open-Ended Simulation for Learning: a Data Mining Approach Kardan, Samad SIMUL
Second Screen Experience: Studying the Use of Social Media and Mobile Devices while Watching Live Television khoshaim, Lama DINS
Direct Queries for Exploring Changes in Dynamic Graphs Kondo, Brittany SKETCH
FORKS: Interactive compliant mechanisms with parallel state computation Kry, Paul MOTION
Suspenseful Applications: applying narrative techniques to interaction design Langer, Kimberly Rebecca AESTHVIS
Developing a High-Performance Computing Toolkit to Support Research with Large-Size Networks Lapierre, Nathan MEOW
The Everyday Life of Networked Individuals Lin, Chang Zhe PRIVNM
The CBC Newsworld Holodeck Ludlow, Bryn A. NEWS
Motion Focus MacDonald, Michael VIRTPRES
Big Data, Cloud Computing, and the Law Macklem, Lisa DINS
Multidisciplinarity Measures in GRAND Maemura, Emily MEOW
Serendipitous Digital Environments: An Exploration of Features McCay-Peet, Lori NEWS
Tidy up your data! Miucin, Svetozar PLATFORM
Does Diversity Foster Diversity? A Multilevel Model Analysis with GRAND Mo, Guang Ying NAVEL
The Right to Communicate: A Proposed Manifesto for Libraries Mowatt, Brandy DINS
Harassment in the games industry: A Feminist Survey Muehrer, Rachel FRAGG
A user centred design approach for reducing anxiety in adolescence with scoliosis undergoing and recovering from spinal fusion surgery Nazemi, Mehdi Mark CPRM
Anxiety reduction in clinical environments through a mediated sensorial experience Nazemi, Mehdi Mark CPRM
Adjusting the Disparity of Stereoscopic 3D Media in Post Production Northam, Lesley AESTHVIS
A Probabilistic Grammar Model for Film Language Northam, Lesley AESTHVIS
Can I See That? An Evaluation of Line of Sight Visualization Techniques on an Interactive Map Oskamp, Matthew SIMUL
Tangra: Defining and Supporting Online Studies And Randomized Controlled Trials Pandeliev, Velian GAMFIT
Using Document Similarity Approaches to Enhance Collaboration Opportunities Perrie, Jessica MEOW
TIVX: Temporary Immersive Virtual Environment: A Non-Permanent CAVE Pavlovych, Andriy VIRTPRES
Spectrum Management and Its Implications on the Digital Divide Pintos, Lilian DINS
'Freezing time' to show 4D evolution of vortex cores in an aneurism that is undergoing highly unstable flow Pokinko, Tom AD-NODE
Gate Crossing Menus Schramm, Katherine SIMUL
Social Media & Trust: Investigating Canadian Government Use of Social Media Shaffer, Elizabeth NGAIA
Jelly Polo: A Sports Game with Small-Scale Exertion Sheinin, Mike HSCEG
How do Users Want to Interact with Their Home Network? Shirali-Shahreza, Sajad INCLUDE
High Performance Animation of Deformable Tissues Shirazian, Pourya PLATFORM
Exploring Dissemination and Discovery with Google Scholar Smit, Mike MEOW
ML3DRAW: Magic Lantern 3D RAW Synchronization & Production Stasieczek, Patryk MOVITA
Sense-Making Using Real-Time Emergency Response: Intelligent presentation of multiple video feeds using sensory data Sterle-Contala, Michael AMBAID
HealthCare Bear: Offsite Assessment of Children´s Chronic Pain Sterle-Contala, Michael CPRM
The Agony of Passwords: Can We Learn From User Coping Strategies Stobert, Elizabeth PRIVNM
Body Editing: Quantifying Embodied Experience Surlin, Stephen PLAYPR
The Effect of Online Commenting on the Perception of News Stories Thom, Jessica NEWS
Golden Days, Silver Nights: Designing an Abducted Reality Game Thorne, Sarah PLAYPR
Eye Tracking, User Differences, Information Visualization Toker, Dereck VSS
Gromala´s Wearable Weather System Tong, Xin VSS
Transformation between Electronic Arts and Chronic Pain: Long-term Body Activity Data Visualization and Pain Animation Expression Tong, Xin CPRM
Measuring and perceiving loudness. A natural sounds account. Tordini, Francesco HSCEG
ScriptEase II: Script Generation for Multiple Game Engines Turchansky, Zak BELIEVE
Mechanics for Managing Randomness Twentyman, Greg BELIEVE2
A Digital Tug o´ War game controller as an object to think with van Sertima, Adam PLAYPR
Doing what matters: designing a mobile app for emotional wellbeing Verstappen, Marjan CPRM
Gestures for mid-air interaction Vuibert, Vanessa HSCEG
Computational Fluid Dynamic Cellular Discrete-Event Simulation of Coronary Heart Disease Wang, Sixuan ENCAD
Campus Mood: Visualizing Twitter Sentiment On Large Interactive Displays Watson, Diane AFEVAL
Clothing(s) As Conversation: +++= White, Christina AD NODE
Information Diffusion on Social Media: Why People Share and 'Re-share' Online Wong, Lola NEWS
text.alt Woodbury, Robert ENCAD
Tracking and Acquistion of Physical Deformation Models Xia, Zheng DATUM
GE-MNI: Alternatives and Exploration for Generative Design Zaman, Loutfouz ENCAD
Visualizations to Teach about Mobile Online Privacy Zhang, Leah PRIVNM
An Embodied Cognition Approach to Meeting the Challenge of 'Inclusive InfoVis' Zou, Hong AD-NODE