Research Notes Submission Writing Guidelines 

Papers should follow the traditional technical writing method: "Tell them what you're going to tell, tell them, then tell them what you've told them."; more specifically:

- Describe concisely the motivation for your work.

- *Clearly state* the contribution of your work: Why is it novel? How novel is it? Can you prove it?

- Briefly review previous work related to your contribution: outline the similarities, differences, compare the advantages and disadvantages.

- Describe your contribution and how it was evaluated. The description should be detailed enough such that anybody reading the paper would be able to reproduce your contribution and your results.

- Discuss the results, including shortcomings.

- Draw logical conclusions from the results (which should prove your contribution). Don't claim anything you can't prove!

- Provide some ideas for the future direction of the research.

- After writing the paper, read it imagining you are a reviewer - are the claims proved by the results? Does the theory withstand scrutiny? Is everything properly explained?

There will be differences for some paper types, such as literature surveys or theoretical contributions. Please consider the above recommendations as a guide only.

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