Mash-ups: Session 2 - Friday, May 4, 3pm-4pm


Track A: Anxiety, Pain, Ability, Strain: Technologies to mediate the mind/body

Organizer: Paula Gardner, Liberal Studies, OCAD University

Participants:   Geoffrey Shea, Digital Media, OCAD University
Deborah Fels, Centre for Learning Technology, Ryerson University
Diane Gromala, Interactive Arts and Technology, Simon Fraser University 
Karon MacLean, Computing Science, University of British Columbia

This mashup proposal brings together Grand researchers and graduate students from varied projects (PLAYPR, INCLUDE, CPRM and AMBAID ) all creating digital media technologies for prevention, health and illness or distress/stress remediation. Each presenter will provide a brief 5 minute overview of their project followed by panel and audience dialogue over questions ranging from methodology, to user testing practices, and aesthetic strategies of these technologies designed for diverse populations.