Research Notes (RNotes)

GRAND 2012's student and postdoc program will feature Research Notes (RNotes).

The purpose of Research Notes is to give students and postdocs an opportunity to present, in an informal setting, the best research underway within the network. Research Notes are snapshots of research, often but not necessarily, at an early stage.

Research Notes submissions are not formally reviewed, but they do undergo a collegial, double-blind screening process by a committee of student reviewers; this does not preclude subsequent publication in the peer-reviewed literature.

The Research Notes session is open to submission by all HQP at GRAND.

Research Notes co-chairs, Neesha Desai, Noreen Kamal and Gregor Miller, will work with up to 12 Area Chairs (AC), as well as a team of HQP Reviewers. HQP Reviewers are those who have submitted a poster and/or Research Notes submission. 

GRAND 2012 Area Chairs are: 
  • Lorna Boschman, Simon Fraser University 
  • Roberto Calderon, The University of British Columbia 
  • Nell Chitty, OCAD University
  • Mona Haraty, The University of British Columbia 
  • Vicky McArthur, York University
  • Syavash Nobarany, The University of British Columbia 
  • Mohamad Salimian, Dalhousie University   
  • Sajad Shirali-Shahreza, University of Toronto 
  • Charlotte Tang, The University of British Columbia 
  • Robert J. Teather, York University
  • Richard Zhao, University of Alberta 
This year, there will be awards for Best Research Note and Best Reviewer. The Best RNote Award is $500, with two Honourable Mentions at $250 each. These are personal cash awards to be split among the HQP authors. The Best Reviewer Award is $250 with two Honourable Mentions at $100 each. This is also a personal cash award. 

For more information on Research Notes, please visit:
GRAND 2012 Call for Participation 
Review Process
Reviewer Guidelines
Submission Writing Guidelines