Events Archive: 2011

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GRAND ParticipantsCommunity Event SFU SIAT Research Colloquium (Vancouver (Surrey))


GRAND Participants Bellairs Workshop on Computer Animation: GRAND challenges, animation & geometry (St. James, Barbados)
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants PICS UBC/SFU Lecture Series (Vancouver, BC)
Community Event GDC (Games Developers Conference) (San Francisco, USA)


GRAND Participants Stereo 3D Productions and Headaches (Montreal, Canada )
Community Event Utopia Conference: Women in Digital Culture (Vancouver, Canada )
Community Event Stereo 3D Workshop (Toronto, Canada)
GRAND ParticipantsCommunity Event University of Waterloo Distinguished Lecture Series (Waterloo, Canada )


Community Event UCLA Smart Grid Thought Leadership Forum (Los Angeles, USA (UCLA Campus))
GRAND Sponsored "Silicon Valley Scene: Why and How It Works (When It Does, and Doesn't)" (Vancouver, Canada)
Community Event Children and the Web ()


GRAND Participants CDMN Canada 3.0 Digital Media Forum (Stratford, Canada )
GRAND Participants BCNET: Unlock the power of information technology (Vancouver, Canada )
GRAND Sponsored CHI 2011 (Vancouver, Canada )
Community Event Child Computer Interaction (Vancouver, Canada )
Community Event A Taste of CHI (Vancouver, CANADA)
GRAND Events GRAND 2011 (Vancouver, Canada )
GRAND Sponsored SANDDE Master Class with Munroe Ferguson (Vancouver, CANADA )
GRAND Sponsored Canadian Games Conference (Vancouver, Canada )
GRAND Participants ICSE 2011 (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA )
GRAND Participants GI 2011 (St. John's, Canada)
GRAND Participants Congress 2011 (Fredericton, Canada)
Community Event NIME 2011 (Oslo, Norway )


GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants Stereoscopic 3D Film and Digital Media (Vancovuer, Canada )
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants Doctoral Symposium on Social-Computational Systems (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA )
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants Toronto International Stereoscopic 3D Conference (Toronto, Canada)
GRAND Sponsored Computer Graphics International 2011 (Ottawa, Canada )
GRAND Participants Interacting with Immersive Worlds (St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada )
Community Event GLS 7.0 (Madison, USA)
Community Event Foundations of Digital Games (Bordeaux, France)


GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Computer Animation 2011 (Vancouver, Canada )
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants SIGGRAPH 2011 (Vancouver, Canada)
GRAND Events GRAND Cafe @SFU, Surrey (Simon Fraser University, Surrey Campus, Surrey, Canada )
GRAND Sponsored Design Thinking Vancouver 2011 (Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver, Canada )
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants Doctoral Symposium - Summer Social Webshop (University of Maryland, Washington D.C., USA )
Community Event One Year Entrepreneurship@Wavefront Program for BC Wireless Startups. Apply Today. (Vancouver, Canada)


GRAND ParticipantsCommunity Event PICS, SFU + UBC Lecture Series: Engaging BC in Sustainable Education (Vancouver, Canada)
Community Event Banff Visual Analytics Workshop (Banff, Canada)


GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants ICEC 2011 (Vancouver, Canada)
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants ASIS&T Conference (New Orleans, USA )
GRAND Participants Next Level Health: How Games Improve Health and Healthcare (San Francisco, USA)
Community Event UIST (San Francisco, USA )


Community Event Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) (Montreal, Canada)
Community Event S3D Centre Meetup: Parallax Film Productions Foray into 3D (Vancouver, Canada)
Community Event UBC MAGIC Demo Session (Vancouver, Canada)
Community Event Montreal Samsung Holiday WaveGuide Meet-Up (Montreal, Canada)
Community Event Ottawa Samsung Holiday WaveGuide Meet-Up (Ottawa, Canada)
GRAND Participants The Wild West of Chronic Pain: Collaborations among Artists, Scientists & Health Care Experts (Los Angeles, USA)
Community Event Toronto Samsung Holiday WaveGuide Meet-Up (Toronto, Canada)


Community Event Vancouver Samsung Holiday WaveGuide Meet-Up (Vancouver, Canada)
GRAND Participants CHIMIT 11 (Boston, USA )
GRAND Participants NCE Annual Meeting (Ottawa, Canada )
WaveGuide Seminar: Mexican Mobile Market Opportunities (Vancouver, Canada)