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Children and the Web


Children and The Web - 07 April 2011

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Children & The Web is an essential event for any organisation reaching out to a young target audience through the internet and emerging media such as mobile devices, interactive television and interactive gaming.

Online interaction for social, entertainment and educational purposes is now part of daily routine for children from an increasingly young age. For organisations aiming to interact with children online this brings great opportunities and great risks.

Failing to appreciate the vast importance of protecting children online will lead to harsh fines and catastrophic reputational damage.

This event will give an in-depth analysis of current regulations from leading data protection lawyers. Our expert industry speakers will use their own experience to explain how your organisation can develop with children's data protection at its core so as to reap the commercial benefits of a safe, trusted service.

Topics will include:

- Online Tracking: Tracking Childrens’ Online Behaviour

This session will look at the implications for tracking children’s behavior online, exploring the legal issues, identifying the legal and commercial boundaries of such activities.

- Developing and Implementing a Privacy Policy for Children’s Data

This session will look at the latest ICO guidance in this area and how to apply it. The session will also explore the complexities and challenges of privacy notices and the considerations relevant to different age categories, use of personal data and the different techniques that can be deployed to effectively deal with fair and lawful processing requirements. 

- The Ongoing Review of COPPA

This session will provide an update on developments in the US with COPPA, the key drivers behind changes, the likely outcome and the current timetable.

- Parental Consent: What Constitutes Valid Consent?

In this session you will hear about the requirements for consent, the challenges of obtaining consent from children and parents, the different considerations in how to meet these challenges and outlining jurisdictional differences in what constitutes the age of consent.

- New Technologies: Social & Moblie Media

- The ‘I’ in Online: Age Classifications Survey - What Children think is Reasonable

- Can a Parent give Consent on behalf of a Child?


Children and The Web - 07 April 2011

If interested in attending, please contact