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GRAND Participants GDC (Game Developers Conference) (San Francisco )


GRAND Participants CHI 2010 (Atlanta, USA)


GRAND Participants GDC Canada (Games Developers Conference) (Vancouver, Canada)
Community Event National Consultations on a Digital Economy Strategy Announced ()
GRAND Participants CDMN Canada 3.0 Digital Media Forum (Stratford, Canada )
GRAND Participants Congress 2010 (Montreal, Canada)
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants AI/GI/CRV (Ottawa, Canada)


GRAND Events GRAND 2010 (Ottawa, Canada)
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants When Virtual Meets Reality Workshop (Vancouver)
Community Event Foundations of Digital Games (Monterey, USA)
GRAND Participants SIGGRAPH (Los Angeles, USA)


GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants MITACS Focus Period: Social Networks (Vancouver, Canada))


GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants MITACS: Connecting Talent in Digital Media (Mississauga, Canada)
Community Event IWCSC (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
GRAND Participants PICS, SFU + UBC Lecture Series (Vancouver, Canada)


GRAND Participants UIST (New York, USA)
GRAND Participants Information & Social Networks Symposium (Halifax, Canada)
GRAND Participants CFHSS Big Thinking Lecture Series (Ottawa, Canada)
Community Event ASIS&T Conference (Pittsburgh, USA)
GRAND Participants Canada Research Chairs Seminar Series: "Beyond Pain" (Burnaby, Canada)
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants Game Dev Camp - Graduation and Exhibition (Surrey, Canada)


GRAND Participants CASCON 2010 (Markham, Canada)
GRAND SponsoredGRAND Participants IDMAA (International Digital Media Arts Association Conference) (Vancouver, Canada)
GRAND Participants UBC MAGIC Demo Day (UBC, Vancouver) (Vancouver, Canada)
GRAND Participants DIG 2010 (London, Canada)


GRAND Participants NCE Annual Meeting (Ottawa, Canada)
Community Event Making visible the invisible- Call for papers submission deadline ()
GRAND Participants GI 2011 - Call for Paper Submissions Deadline (St Johns, Canada)