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The S3D Centre Comes to Victoria for One Day

March 26, 2012 | Victoria, Canada

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Emily Carr University Brings 3D Movie Making Workshop to Victoria

This workshop will show production companies and filmmakers how to become 3D ready. 

The day will start by teaching the science, history, art and business of S3D. Why has the acronym 3D been changed to S3D? And how has digital capture technology become the big game changer for S3D content creators? In addition, we will describe the new production and post-production workflow. 

Sean Arden and David Tenniswood will discuss how S3D is a different way of conceiving and visualizing your story, followed by looking at some the 3D previsualization tools available for pre-production, production and post-production. 

The cost and expense and budgeting of S3D will be discussed as well as the language of S3D. Attendees will be given list of terms that they can refer to when working in the medium. 

S3D production technology demonstrations will happen in the second part of the day. The Kerner S3D rig will be assembled, operated and aligned. Our ultimate aim is to give each attendee the opportunity to work on the beam splitter rig (Kerner) throughout the course of the day. The goal is for attendees to be able to confidently assemble, operate, align and disassemble the rig. 

DATE: Monday March 26th, 2012
TIME: 10am-5pm
LOCATION: Intrepid Theatre, #2-1609 Blanshard Street
PRICE: $20
(RSVP required to or by calling Krista at 250-389-1590. Spots are limited.) 

Cinevic is an artist run cooperative located in Victoria, facilitating the expression of unique, innovative voices in the ever-evolving language of film.