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macGRID 2012 Workshop

macGRID is a robust, archivable, simulation research platform and a corresponding network of academic, industry and community partners who wish to engage in multidisciplinary research and creation, and resource and knowledge sharing, using avatar virtual worlds and mixed reality systems (currently with OpenSim). This initiative is led by Dr. David Harris Smith, Assistant Professor in Communication Studies & Multimedia at McMaster, and has been advanced by collaborators and contributors including new media artist Ian Murray, Humanities Media Computing, SHARCNET High Performance Computing, GRAND NCE, Dr. Eleni Stroulia and students at the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta, and Dr. Suzanne Crosta, Dean of Humanities and Dr. Mo Elbestawi, Vice President of Research at McMaster.

The first workshop co-sponsored by GRAND NCE and McMaster Faculty of Humanities will be held Nov 7–8 in the new Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship, Mills Library at McMaster. The objectives of this first workshop are: to bring together researchers within the GRAND NCE community and, more generally, across Canada, with an interest in virtual worlds as platforms for social-science experiments simulations, serious games, education and training, and artistic expression; to introduce the new macGRID OpenSim platform, available through SHARCNET/McMaster; and to develop plans for new collaborative multidisciplinary research initiatives, within GRAND NCE and more broadly.