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CDMN Canada 3.0 Digital Media Forum

Mark your calendars! You don’t want to miss the 4th annual CDMN Canada 3.0 Digital Media Forum on April 24 to 26, 2012 in Stratford, Ontario. Be part of the conversation about Canada’s digital future, and meet with academics, entrepreneurs, government and industry representatives.

We have many exciting opportunities to offer our 2012 conference attendees including:

  • Our 2nd annual Road to Banff pitch-off contest – providing Canadian ICT startups with exposure to VCs and corporate investors
  • Networking events – we want to help you make new contacts and business opportunities
  • An interactive showcase – A hands-on environment where Canadian ICT businesses can exhibit their new technologies
  • World-class keynote speakers – bringing you new trends and ideas from digital media industry, government and academia’s brightest minds
  • The 2012 Stratford Report – we’ll take a look at where Canada ranks in the global digital economy today

What’s new? This year, the CDMN will host a “preview day” for government representatives from around the world. A formal scheduled program, focused on sharing CDMN Canada 3.0 conference strategies, insights and resources, will help foster the acceleration of Brazil ICT interactions on a similar level as Canada. This event was developed as a result of Prime Minister Harper’s recent efforts to boost business ties with Brazil.

Canadian CDMN and government representatives will also attend the Brazil 3.0 conference in the fall of 2012.

Stay tuned for future announcements about CDMN Canada 3.0 conference registration details, exciting speakers and activities. Click here to be notified when the early bird registration opens.