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3D Flic Workshop on High Frame Rate Cinema

| Toronto, Canada

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The goal of this workshop is to discuss, advance and communicate the state of the art in high-frame rate (HFR) stereoscopic 3D (S3D) cinema. HFR will be discussed in terms of scientific, technical, artistic and production/delivery pipeline issues with particular attention to practical issues in production, post-production and delivery of content. The workshop features talks with industry and academic leaders in HFR research, development and practice as well as practical demonstrations.

Audience and benefit: Supported by the Ontario Media Development Corporation through the 3D Flic project, the workshop is designed to identify, promote and develop Ontario strengths in HFR S3D technology and production, postproduction, VFX, and other aspects of S3D filmmaking. The workshop should be of interest to a broad range of professionals interested in the impact of HFR technologies on their work and the industry as a whole.

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