Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre

Conference Information & Highlights 

Date: Thursday May 12 to Saturday May 14
: Vancouver Convention Centre (VCC)

  • The VCC is comprised of two buildings; a newer building with a green roof, referred to as VCC West and just to the east of it, an older building at Canada Place, referred to as VCC East.
  • GRAND 2011 will be in VCC West Level 3 on Thursday; VCC West Level 2 on Friday and VCC East Meeting Level on Saturday. Please see below and website program for specific room assignments.  

  • Please note: For those attending the CHI 2011 Conference, GRAND 2011 is in the same building Thursday/Friday as CHI 2011 i.e., VCC West, however on Saturday it will be held in the building next door, i.e., VCC East.

Map and link to directions

GRAND 2011 Program: VCC West Level 3 (incl. rooms assignments):  Current schedule of 
Research Presentations, Project Meetings and WIP Schedule are available online.

Twitter Hashtag: For those who Tweet, and we hope there are many of you, be sure to use #grand2011 

Wireless Password: Network ID: GRAND2011;  password:  2011grand

Day 1 — Registration, Opening Reception & Poster/Demo Set Up & Tear Down - Vancouver Convention Centre, West Level 3 (which is the top floor)
Registration: Opens Thursday May 12 at 4:30pm; located at VCC West Level 3. Please come as early as possible to pick up your name badge. All conference delegates are automatically invited to the reception. 
  • QR Codes: This year, GRAND 2011 name badges and posters have QR codes. MEOW is the lead on this initiative. Detailed information will follow.  
  • Smartphone Study /NAVEL Profiles Pick Up Desk: Those who have been notified can pick up their phone and/or profile at a desk that will be set up close to the registration desk area. 

  • Opening Reception:  Thursday May 12, 6pm-9pm; located at VCC West Level 3.

  • Poster/Demo Set Up & Tear Down: Posters/Demos can be set up between  4:30pm-5:30pm; located at VCC West, 3rd Floor. It is highly encouraged that those with a poster be punctual and those with a demo allow for additional set up time. Poster/Demo tear down will occur immediately following the reception, between 9-9:30pm SHARP (on May 12).  Additional information (Poster/Demo floor plan; delivery details; etc) will be sent to Poster/Demo Presenters by separate email. 
Day 2 -- Conference Plenary Sessions, Presentations & Meetings - Vancouver Convention Centre, West Level 2 (one level down from Thursday's Opening Reception) 

When:  Friday, May 13, breakfast is served at 7:30am; Opening Remarks start at 8:30am 

Location: VCC West Level 2

Day 3 -- Conference Plenary Sessions, Presentations, Meetings  & WIP - Vancouver Convention Centre, East  Meeting Level.  PLEASE NOTE: We have moved next door to the East Building (at Canada Place)

When:  Saturday, May 14, breakfast is served at 7:30am; Opening Plenary Session starts at 8:30am 

Location: VCC East Meeting Level (the Meeting Level is on the second floor)