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U.S. fitness clothing company Under Armour has awarded $10k to GRAND-supported startup formed by Dr. Jeff Boyd and PhD students Andrew Godbout and Chris Thornton.
(Posted: Apr 14 2014)
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University of Toronto professor Dr. Eugene Fiume is one of four researchers elected by the Eurographics Executive Committee to join the ”Fellows of the Eurographics Association" in 2014.
(Posted: Apr 12 2014)
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"Data: New Ways of Seeing the World," at the Canada Science and Technology Museum features the work of GRAND researchers, Dr. Sheelagh Carpendale (University of Calgary) and Dr. Lyn Bartram (Simon Fraser University).
(Posted: Apr 07 2014)
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GRAND HQP Dr. Gregory Taylor at Ryerson University is one of five 2013/2014 Donner Prize finalists for his exceptional study on digital broadcasting.
(Posted: Apr 02 2014)
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A study by York University professor and GRAND PNI Dr. Jennifer Jenson with researchers at UOIT and North Carolina State finds gamers aren’t the asocial types depicted in pop culture but have strong community networks both online and off. (York University Daily News)
(Posted: Mar 31 2014)
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GRAND CNI Dr. Andrea Bunt (University of Manitoba) has always been fascinated by how humans interact with computers, so much so that she’s dedicated much of her academic life to studying user experience in computer software. (The CommerceLab)
(Posted: Mar 27 2014)
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One of the many projects at the Shared Reality Lab led by GRAND PNI Dr. Cooperstock (McGill University) has been an international effort to develop a “smart” floor that can simulate different walking surfaces. (The CommerceLab)
(Posted: Mar 27 2014)
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The Face Fries application developed by SFU and UBC researchers transforms ordinary facial photos into 3-D animated avatars (dubbed the "face fry") that can be shared online. (Vancouver Sun)
(Posted: Mar 20 2014)
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New appointments: Mitacs CEO and scientific director Dr. Arvind Gupta has been named UBC's incoming president and vice chancellor, and NeuroDevNet NCE CDO Jim Brookes is NDN's new Executive Director.
(Posted: Mar 14 2014)
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GRAND and software giant Autodesk are partners in a large-scale project to construct a true-to-life synthetic human.
(Posted: Mar 13 2014)

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